(Spay and Neuter Interior's Pets)

We currently have no funding for free surgeries, but Animal House
Veterinary Hospital is offering the same price for surgeries to the public
that they charge us, so if you would like to make an appointment, please
call Animal House at 479-2800, ext 100 for the vet clinic. Be sure to tell them you want to
make a SNIP appointment. We are searching for funding to continue to offer
special programs for the community and will update when we find some support
or grant. Our main funding source closed down in 2013 and no longer issues
grants to support spay and neuter, we want to thank his organization, he
provided valued support for many years and we will miss his valuable
contributions to the pet community.

Call 488-0516 for more


We have NO funding for the spaying and neutering of felines and are hoping some local organizations can help us continue this very important part of the program. We need to continue this program to help reduce the large number of homeless and unwanted cats and kittens. If you or your organization can help us, please call and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Please support S.N.I.P. (Spay and Neuter Interior's Pets).

Special Thanks to the individuals who volunteer their time to make this program a reality. Your hard work is appreciated and you are doing a great service to the community and its pets.

We performed 840 surgeries in 2009 plus some village work completed by Dr. Eric Jayne, sadly we do not have those totals. We featured free surgeries for feline's during many months of the year for low income families.


2008 another great year, we did 867 spays and neuters.

2007 ended with a bang, we were able to hold clinics for 4 days in December.

The final tally for the year was 734 spays and neuters. A great big thank you to all our special volunteers who work very hard to provide the community with a badly needed program - you all did a fantastic job.

The totals are in for 2006, we exceeded our goal by doing 1059 spays and neuters.

Total for the year 2005: 723, that's the number of animals we were able to assist with a low cost surgery, and our goal is to beat that number in the coming year.



Project S.N.I.P.



In six years, one female dog and her

offspring can theoretically produce

67,000 dogs.

In seven years, one female cat and her

offspring can theoretically produce

420,000 cats.